Video Tape Transfer Service

VIDEO TRANSFERS: VHS/VHSC/Hi 8mm/Digital 8mm/Video 8mm.

Do Not Throw them away,
Transfer them. 778 Gold Stream Ave

We want to help you keep those memories intact. Getting your old tapes transferred to discs, usb stick or external memory. :) Preserved for safe keeping!

Prices & Info posted below.

Preserved for safe keeping!

Details of Video Tape Transfer Service

  1. Video Transfer Information: $12+tax to transfer each tape.
  2. Price is based on a 2hr record time on each tape.
  3. If the tapes brought in are Long Play or Extended Play it is $12+tax for every 2hrs.
  4. For transfers put onto a DVD format it is $5 extra for each disc and each disc is equal to 2hrs.
  5. You can also purchase a 16G USB stick from us for an extra $20+tax.